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Creative Content Generation

To put it simply, Brand is Reputation. Much like people, brands are defined

by how they look and behave; this determines the quality of their impression.

The experience you create today will change the conversation tomorrow,

why fit in when you can stand out?

To put it simply, Brand is Reputation. Much like people, brands are defined by how they look and behave; this determines the quality of their impression. The experience you create today will change the conversation tomorrow, why fit in when you can stand out?

About Us

As passionate creative professionals we have the creative ability to design and build the right solution for the intended audience. We deliver Web, Print, Photography, Video & Motion Graphic services to start-ups and small to medium size businesses.


Brand Design can shape the perception of a company by creating emotional connections for its consumers. It establishes valuable relationships that are built on identification, trust and loyalty.

Print Design

The term Print Design is usually associated with promotional material such as flyers, posters, business cards etc. Editorial Design includes magazine, newspaper and book layout intended for commercial, educational or cultural use.


The purpose of print design is to structure text, imagery and shapes that improve the readability of information. These rules can scale from large format billboards to small postage stamps and even across platforms into web design.

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Branding
  • Editorial Design
  • Promotional Collaleral
Logo Design
A logo that is simple and easy to read is memorable; this is the key to great logo design. Can you afford to be forgotten?
Editorial Design
A Well-polished editorial layout is all about consistency. It effectively structures text, photographic and illustrative imagery in a style that is pleasant to read.
Corporate Identity
Brands are like people, how they dress, talk and act, continually defines their impression. A Corporate Identity is very similar, in that a consistent representation can create assurance and trust.
Brand Guidelines
A 'Brand Manual' contains directions on how to correctly reproduce printed material & digital content.
Promotional Touchpoints
Promotional print design is the bread and butter of our business. We've worked with printers locally and nationally, to offer our clients the highest quality print collateral.

Web Design

Having a website is the fastest and cheapest way to create an online shop front for your business. This is where people begin looking to engage with the brand, relative to its products and services. As a result, websites are increasingly being viewed on tablets, phones and even our living room televisions.


Websites today need the ability to function on different sized screens in order to deliver information efficiently. Having a flexible website with the ability to ‘Respond’ to various screen sizes is what is meant by ‘Responsive Design.' Responsive Web Design is vital when looking to retain consistency and sustaining trust in the brand.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management System
  • Site Optimisation (SEO)
  • E Commerce
  • Rebuild / Freshen up
Web Design
The mark of a well-designed website is consistent functionality across different screen sizes. A preferred configuration of search engines; responsive Websites are adaptable, lighter and easier to find.
Creative Collaberation
Web design may as well be rocket science, so we promise not bore people with repetitive jargon. We collaborate with the client from start to finish in a language that is approachable and easy to understand.
Simplistic &
User Friendly
A clean design with relevant information creates a pleasant experience that consumers will want to come back to.


For many people seeing is believing, this is the reason why many businesses invest in high-quality photographic imagery. It is a literal form of communication that removes interpretation and evokes insight that transcends language and culture.


Photography has the power to influence an audience and create actionable engagement. It is an influential tool used to tell stories that communicate a message or represent value. Meaningful photography is seductive, it sells products, informs services, express ideas and introduces personalities.

  • Corporate Profiles
  • Product Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Food Photography
Product Photography
A crisp product shoot delivers high-quality images that showcase products while offering customers detailed visual insight.
Portrait Photography
People want to look their best all the time. Whether at work or play a well-lit professional portrait shoot captures character and personality.
Architectural Photography
Capturing architectural structures and retaining an accurate representation requires knowledge and technical proficiency.
Aerial Photography
We have a fully trained IAA registered drone operator that captures stunning Aerial photography and full motion 4k video footage.

Film & Motion

Film and Motion design offers an immersive experience and draws attention, unlike any other visual form. Stylised film and animated graphics are used support a core message while attracting and informing the target market. Whether for broadcast on TV or online: Film & Motion design is a fast and dynamic way to tell your story.

  • Corporate Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Product Demonstration
  • Animated Infographics
  • Animated Text (lower thirds)

2015 Showreel

A show reel is a short video portfolio that usually contains a collection of snippets from the previous year. Our work from 2015 is a collection of animation, typography, abstract shapes, film clips, logo openers, and sound design.

Our style of film making is crisp and clean, that focuses on how to best attract viewers and create actionable results. We work closely with clients so we can best provide original information driven content that tells stories.

2016 Showreel

In 2016 we created promotional sequences, 3D modeling, music videos, animations and aerial footage. That year the world experienced a huge surge in the creation of video and motion graphic content seen on the web.

Anyone that is involved with social media may have noticed that video & animation has become more frequent. This is because people are more likely to watch a five-second video than offer thirty seconds to read a paragraph.

Latest Clients

Our clients trust us to help reposition and manage their brands to become more competitive with the ever-changing market conditions.

We have a style of creative insight and a set of design values and principles which we apply to every project.

Our creative influence solves problems by helping to generate exposure, engagement and ultimately better brand value.



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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us anytime,
we want to hear about your next project.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us anytime,
we want to hear about your next project.

P: +353 — (0) 51 348 343

M: +353 — (0) 87 299 3535

E: hello@trademark-agency.com